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    How to Remove PFAS From Your Water?

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    How to Remove PFAS From Your Water?

    How to Remove PFAS From Your Water?

    Drinking fountain | Under counter water filter

    Have you been seeing news coverage about the “forever chemicals” found in America’s water supply?

    Wondering how to remove these chemicals?

    Luckily, poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances, known as “PFAS,” are removable.

    What are PFAS?

    PFAS are a class of over 3,000 chemicals that take years to break down. PFAS are often found in products that boast water and stain resistant properties as well as common household items, such as non-stick cookware, water-resistant active clothing, stain resistant furniture and carpet, and paper products.

    These chemicals have been around for longer than you may think, starting with pesticides in the 1940s. Because PFAS are still commonly found in products and can take decades to break down, we’re seeing them accumulate and contaminate more resources. PFAS have been found in plants, animals, water, and humans.

    PFAS “can spread through the air or by ingesting contaminated food. But the ‘predominant’ form of exposure is through drinking water,” according to former Environmental Protection Agency regional administrator Judith Enck.

    How Can You Reduce PFAS in Your Water?

    Under counter water filter

    Filter your water – ProOne water filters have been tested and cleared to reduce PFAS in drinking water, as well as remove heavy metals, fluoride, pesticides, and more.

    Choose only filtered water sources – Bottled and city water may seem safe, but there’s no way to tell if the water is PFAS free other than testing it. PFAS don’t affect the water’s taste or smell, making it hard to know which water sources are contaminated.

    Remove PFAS with ProOne’s ProMax Under Counter Water Filter

    Install the ProMax Under Counter Water Filter under your kitchen sink to filter the water you use for drinking, cooking, washing food, and more. The pressurized water is sent through the filter and contaminants are absorbed by unique contaminant reduction media.

    Looking for more under counter water filter or countertop options?

    There are more in our pressure water systems category!

    Shop ProOne Water Filters today to find filters that can remove PFAS!

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