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    Milwaukee MAX Testers / Portable Meters / Bench Meters

    MAX Testers


    Milwaukee's MAX digital testers combine pH/EC/TDS/Temp in one easy-to-use tester and are loved for their size and capability. Take accurate and reliable measurements with our advanced testers. No cables required.

    As just 3.5 ounces, PRO Testers are easy to use with just one hand or take out of your pocket whenever you need it.

    All Milwaukee MAX testers are waterproof and come with a replaceable probe for an extended life.




    MAX Portable Meters


    Milwaukee's Multi-Parameter MAX Portable handheld meters are best-in-class for value and accurate measurement of pH/EC/TDS/Temp and  Dissolved Oxygen.  These MAX meters are lab or field grade ready, have logging and USB download features, IP67 Waterproof rated and are easy-to-use!

    Milwaukee MAX Meters make lab & field grade performance affordable for professionals who need the next level.

    Just ask the thousands who already own one. The MAX Meter Line is one of the best rated in its class.

    Expect more and get more with the Milwaukee's MAX Meter Line! 

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