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    The proper cleaning and storing of pH probes is the best way to maximize their life. The average life span of a pH probe or electrode is 12 to 18 months. Keeping the pH probe stored properly and cleaned periodically will extend its longevity and provide faster response and more accurate readings with the meter.

    Proper maintenance of pH probes and electrodes include:


    When stored for an extended amount of time, crystallization from dried up storage solution could form around the probe. This crystallization is natural and should be rinsed or wiped away. Salt buildup around the probe does not mean it is defective.


    Cleaning the probe tip frequently with Milwaukee Instruments cleaning solution (MA9016). This applies to all applications (beer/wine, food/beverage, aquatics, etc.). The best method for properly cleaning probes is to get a small cup, jar, or beaker and place about 2 inches worth of cleaning solution inside. Place the probe tip down into the cleaning solutions and let it sit for 10 minutes. This cleaning solution is highly acid, so it will not take long to remove excess proteins, enzymes and wine/beer sediment from the probe’s surface and rejuvenate the pH sensor.


    Prior to calibrating with the base unit, conditioning the probe properly in Milwaukee Instruments storage solution (MA9015) for 2 hours is recommended. Fill the vessel (jar/cup/beaker) with roughly 2 inches of storage solution and place the tip of the electrode or tester into the solution making sure the pH probe sensing portion is completely covered.


    The pH probe must be kept hydrated at all times. When not in use, the electrode or tester pH probe should be submerged in Milwaukee Instruments storage solution (MA9015). 


    The best way to store the probe for the handheld testers is to remove the cap from the meter and to store the meter upright in a small cup, jar, or beaker. A minimum of 2 inches of storage solution is recommended for storage purposes.


    The best way to store the pH sensing electrodes during non-use is to fill the electrode protective cap about half-way with storage solution (MA9015), then put the cap on the electrode making sure the cover is tight. Check the electrode periodically to ensure solution has not evaporated. If evaporation occurs, refill the cap or beakers/cups.

    Alternatively, the probe can be stored upright in a small cup, jar, or beaker that can support the electrode from falling over. A minimum of 2 inches of storage solution is recommended for storage purposes.

    P.S. If you have misplaced your electrode cap, contact us. We will help. 


    Just as testers should be calibrated regularly for accurate, repeatable results, pH probes should be calibrated to the base unit regularly as well. By doing this, you are enabling the meter and probe to provide the most accurate results. Testers and Meters should also be calibrated whenever a new probe (replaceable probe for testers) is introduced or irregular readings occur.

    Please be sure to follow all these maintenance tips to ensure you get the most accurate readings and longevity from your Milwaukee pH probes.